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Analysis of Students’ Preferences and Engagement with Mobile Games: A Study of Game Assets and Colour Impact


Mobile games are gaining in popularity among students, although the factors driving engagement remain poorly understood. This study, conducted among 378 students studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Digital Sciences at the Université Virtuelle de Côte d’Ivoire, explores the influence of game assets and colours on player engagement. Using an online questionnaire, the study identified students’ gaming preferences and their perception of colours.

The results show that the key elements most favoured by students are graphics, sound design, the game system, narrative, interactivity and accessibility. What’s more, colour plays a decisive role in their preferences and commitment to educational mobile games.

2. State of the Art

Player engagement is a complex concept that has been studied by many researchers [3] [4] [5] [6] . There is no single definition of player engagement, but it is generally defined as the degree to which a player is involved in a game.

Player engagement can be measured by a number of variables, such as time spent playing, number of play sessions, degree of emotional investment and level of satisfaction [4] . Numerous studies have been conducted on gamer engagement [5] . Some studies have examined the factors that contribute to gamer engagement, while others have looked at the consequences of gamer engagement [6] .

3. Game Assets

Game assets are the elements that make up a video game, such as graphics, sound, animations, scripts, user interfaces and so on. They are essential to the creation of an immersive and engaging video game [7] .

4. Colours and Their Impact

Colours are an essential component of human perception [10] . They can have a significant impact on our emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

5. The Method

A survey was carried out among 378 second-year students enrolled in the Computer Science and Digital Science degree program at the Ivory Coast Virtual University.

The students were asked to complete an online questionnaire that gathered information about their gaming habits and preferences, as well as their perception of colors in games.

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Top 10 PUBG Players in World

PUBG ranked as the most popular game in 2022. The game has been popular all around the globe. The pandemic gave this game’s popularity a boost. During lockdown, a lot of people downloaded PUBG because it was one of the few ways to socialize and take part in a fun activity.

Unlike other games, PUBG doesn’t need you to own a PlayStation or Xbox, you don’t have to pay money to buy this game or anything, which was another reason why it shot up in popularity. PUBG’s popularity gave us a new type of sporting event – Esports.

Unlike normal sports where players are physically on the playground, Esports takes place virtually. This is a relatively new sports event but has become extremely popular in a short amount of time. It has given a lot of great Esports players, most of whom are extremely young and in school.

Top 10 PUBG Players in the World

10. Jake ‘Snakers’ Winant

9. D1GG3R1


7. TeaBone

6. Inonix



3. PIO



The future of the Esport industry seems bright. It might be the next big thing. The lockdowns and pandemic has popularised the Esport Industry and what used to be pastime for teenagers once, where they would hang out and socialise, could very well become a full time job for the coming generations.

A lot more games have started organising Esport events and the Esport gaming industry is blooming in real time. With national teams of many countries being formed, Esport might soon become a mainstream Sport.