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Prevalence and underlying factors of mobile game addiction among university students in Bangladesh

Nowadays, the youth are more engaging with their more advanced smartphones having high-quality graphics and gaming features. However, existing literature depicts that adolescents suffer from several forms of psychological problems including mental health,

depression, loneliness, insomnia and low self-control due to mobile game addiction. Therefore, this study aims to find the prevalence and motivating factors for mobile game addiction among university students of Bangladesh.

A cross-sectional survey was carried out to collect the required information from 1125 students of three universities in Bangladesh. Descriptive statistics, χ2 test and ordinal regression model are employed to meet the objective of this study.

Design and procedure
The online survey was conducted among 1125 respondents from the selected three universities in Bangladesh. In this current pandemic situation, it is not feasible to do a face-to-face survey and that is why the data are collected online via the link of the designed google form.

Prior to participating in this survey, the authors inform the respondents about the purpose of this study and ensure that the information they provide would be kept confidential and oral consent is taken.

Respondents who gave consent to participate in this survey were then sent a link to the questionnaire and accompanying instructions to complete it. Despite the fact that this research is not related to human trials, it was carried out in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki ethical standard. The survey was conducted over a 1-month period from 23 October 2020 to 27 November 2020.

Statistical methods
Quantitative research approach was applied in this explorative study. The cross-tabulation was carried out for descriptive analysis along with the χ2 test and Goodman and Kruskal’s γ (G) (Goodman and Kruskal, Reference Goodman and Kruskal1954),

for making comparisons among variables and ascertain the significant relationship between the considered variables and the level of mobile game addiction. Cronbach’s α has been reported to check the internal consistency of the variables in this study.

Here, the reliability of the data was checked using Cronbach’s α developed by Lee Cronbach in 1951 (Cronbach, Reference Cronbach1951) which lies between 0 and 1 and the value close to 1 provides more reliability (Nunnally and Bernstein, Reference Nunnally and Bernstein1994). The acceptable value of Cronbach’s α is 0.70 (Nunnally, Reference Nunnally1978;

Zikmund, Reference Zikmund1999). The Cronbach’s α can be defined as , where K is the number of components (K items), is the average variance of each component (item) and is the average of all covariances between the components across the current sample of persons, that is, without including the variances of each component.

Finally, as the outcome variable is classified according to their order of magnitude, ordinal logistic regression (OLR) analysis has been conducted to examine the influences of targeted variable on mobile game addiction. Let Y be an ordinal outcome with jcategories. Then P(Y ≤ j) is the cumulative probability of Yless than or equal to a

specific category j = 1, 2, …, J − 1. The odds of being less than or equal to a particular category can be defined as, P(Y ≤ j)/P(Y > j) for j = 1, 2, …, J − 1 since P(Y > J) = 0 and dividing by zero is undefined. The log odds is also known as the logit, so that log (P(Y ≤ j)/P(Y > j)) = logit(P(Y ≤ j). The general form of the OLR model can be written as,

where, logit() is the link function, θ j is the threshold for the jth category, p is the number of regression coefficients, X i1, X i2, …, X ip are the values of the predictors for the ith case and β 1, β 2, …, β p are regression coefficients (McCullagh and Nelder, Reference McCullagh and Nelder1989; Harrell, Reference Harrell2015).

In OLR, several link functions, i.e. cauchit, complementary , logit, negative and probit were used in several research (Liao, Reference Liao1994; Javali and Pandit, Reference Javali and Pandit2010;

Agresti, Reference Agresti2013; Fernández-Navarro, Reference Fernández-Navarro2017; Smith et al., Reference Smith, Walker and Mckenna2019; Singh et al.,

Reference Singh, Dwivedi and Deo2020). Among these link functions, negative log-log ( − log ( − log (y))) has been used in this study since lower categories are more probable to building up model. For better understanding and interpretations, odds ratio has also been calculated. All the analyses were performed using SPSS 25.

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Analysis of Students’ Preferences and Engagement with Mobile Games: A Study of Game Assets and Colour Impact


Mobile games are gaining in popularity among students, although the factors driving engagement remain poorly understood. This study, conducted among 378 students studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Digital Sciences at the Université Virtuelle de Côte d’Ivoire, explores the influence of game assets and colours on player engagement. Using an online questionnaire, the study identified students’ gaming preferences and their perception of colours.

The results show that the key elements most favoured by students are graphics, sound design, the game system, narrative, interactivity and accessibility. What’s more, colour plays a decisive role in their preferences and commitment to educational mobile games.

2. State of the Art

Player engagement is a complex concept that has been studied by many researchers [3] [4] [5] [6] . There is no single definition of player engagement, but it is generally defined as the degree to which a player is involved in a game.

Player engagement can be measured by a number of variables, such as time spent playing, number of play sessions, degree of emotional investment and level of satisfaction [4] . Numerous studies have been conducted on gamer engagement [5] . Some studies have examined the factors that contribute to gamer engagement, while others have looked at the consequences of gamer engagement [6] .

3. Game Assets

Game assets are the elements that make up a video game, such as graphics, sound, animations, scripts, user interfaces and so on. They are essential to the creation of an immersive and engaging video game [7] .

4. Colours and Their Impact

Colours are an essential component of human perception [10] . They can have a significant impact on our emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

5. The Method

A survey was carried out among 378 second-year students enrolled in the Computer Science and Digital Science degree program at the Ivory Coast Virtual University.

The students were asked to complete an online questionnaire that gathered information about their gaming habits and preferences, as well as their perception of colors in games.

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Top 10 PUBG Players in World

PUBG ranked as the most popular game in 2022. The game has been popular all around the globe. The pandemic gave this game’s popularity a boost. During lockdown, a lot of people downloaded PUBG because it was one of the few ways to socialize and take part in a fun activity.

Unlike other games, PUBG doesn’t need you to own a PlayStation or Xbox, you don’t have to pay money to buy this game or anything, which was another reason why it shot up in popularity. PUBG’s popularity gave us a new type of sporting event – Esports.

Unlike normal sports where players are physically on the playground, Esports takes place virtually. This is a relatively new sports event but has become extremely popular in a short amount of time. It has given a lot of great Esports players, most of whom are extremely young and in school.

Top 10 PUBG Players in the World

10. Jake ‘Snakers’ Winant

9. D1GG3R1


7. TeaBone

6. Inonix



3. PIO



The future of the Esport industry seems bright. It might be the next big thing. The lockdowns and pandemic has popularised the Esport Industry and what used to be pastime for teenagers once, where they would hang out and socialise, could very well become a full time job for the coming generations.

A lot more games have started organising Esport events and the Esport gaming industry is blooming in real time. With national teams of many countries being formed, Esport might soon become a mainstream Sport.


Designing and developing digital videotape games in Jordan reaches transnational success

Designing and developing digital videotape games in Jordan reaches transnational succes

The Arab region is still seeking to put its mark in the videotape game assiduity, which has come one of the most profitable and utmost wide profitable fields in recent times, and with Saudi Arabia as a colonist in this field in the region, Jordan is also seeking with its mortal bents to keep pace with Arab movements.

In Jordan, the race is fierce in designing digital electronic games, as a group of Jordanian youth succeeded in developing and designing nearly 16 games on the global gaming platform, as part of the Global Challenge competition hosted by the Kingdom. Where the challenges of digital game contrivers appear in the Arab world, in the absence of university classes that support them.

From digital electronic games amid global successes, the inventor Nour Khreis ’ passion for game design began beforehand, after that he succeeded in creating digital games that pretend the Arab terrain and established the first Arab company to manufacture digital games in 2003, where Khreis said about this and quoted intelligencer Raed Awwad Through the islet

The gaming assiduity depends on the story. Our original stories with our electronic societies and societies are part of the global praise, and we also communicate our story to the world.

In the Jordanian Games Lab, the creative marquee for suckers of digital game design, one vault was made then for academy and university scholars in pursuit of the rearmost game design technologies. Some of them succeeded in opening their own design companies, while others were suitable to design 16 games on the global games platform within the competitions of transnational forums, where one of the inventors said Heirs of the Jordanian Games Lab

“I’ve served from a specialized point of view by having the tackle and software for any content creator that the inventor needs.”

The volume of digital Arab product doesn’t exceed, at best, one percent of the global product of games, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and Qatar, independently, outgunned as the countries that invest the most in the field of games, with a volume of further than 5 billion bones
annually. On this matter, Iyad Al- Bashir, operations director of one of Digital platforms

Investment is veritably important for companies to be suitable to stand on their bases, and to be suitable to make games is a veritably precious process, as well as to make a game that will need veritably long stages and according to the complexity related to it, and it may take a time or two to make a successful game.

still, the most prominent challenges for contrivers of digital videotape games in Jordan and the Arab world, according to specialists, is the absence of university classes that support contrivers of the time, and the weakness of electronic payment operations on gaming platforms, while digital games in the world recorded earnings of about$ 200 billion, according to transnational statistics.

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What are the most used mobile application development trends in 2022?

Despite the fact that to date well over millions of versatile applications can be accessed, interest in new applications is still on the rise due to rapid advances in innovation and individual requirements for additional creative methodologies.

Without a doubt, our general public is rapidly shifting to more reliance on mobile phones for work, as well as versatile applications. Moreover, technological advances in innovation open up space not only for the growth of new arrangements but also for the improvement of existing ones.

In fact, almost 90% of the time a user spends on mobile phones today is used in private applications, primarily in light of sitting from work and all the time spent at home.

However, it’s the same old thing – portable apps have been a stellar trend for a few years at this point. In any case, innovation is developing at an ever-increasing speed, and accordingly, new portable patterns appear and are seriously tested.

In this way, keeping abreast of the latest mobile app improvement patterns can help you build a meaningful and effective app, and attract and inspire customers to use it on a daily and private routine. Most importantly, you will actually want to move the new arrangements in light of what your customers are experiencing and better meet their needs for phones.

In any case, if you feel ready for the New Year, you can definitely prepare. We will present a summary of the 2022 Versatile Application Improvement Patterns.

  1. 5G

As you probably know, 5G innovation has been around for a long time, but it hasn’t been forever in this frame of mind until late. Anyway, what’s the importance here for portable apps?

Also, by examination, 5G will be several times faster than 4G. Accordingly, the extension of 5G will improve a significant benefit of mobile applications, causing new patterns for the development of such versatile applications. You will see for yourself, the engineers using these apps, and their affiliates, and makers, long before a complete change in the way you use the special and diverse apps.

  1. Extended integration and virtual reality

Using AR and VR, private and emerging organizations can improve their elements and management in the most optimal way in which they operate. Besides, customers can see what a particular item will look like before they buy it. Thus, private and augmented virtual reality are beneficial for both sellers and buyers.

Besides business benefits, VR and AR can especially develop opportunities to grow further and make mobile applications attractive and also communicate with you.

  1. Blockchain

Blockchain innovation is among the most modern mobile application optimization services of 2022. There has been great concern among application customers about security service and information misuse. Therefore, the blockchain addresses these issues.

  1. Man-made thinking (AI) and machine learning (ML)

Mobile phones have been proactively engaging in significant artificial intelligence and machine learning for human facial recognition a long time ago. However, this component is gradually being consolidated by financial institutions improving applications to upgrade customer security in use and market, better utility, and overall customer experience and a more noteworthy base.

As a matter of fact, the application security service which is considered to be versatile has been reclassified thanks to this pattern. Among the Internet-based installment arrangements that initiate the use of facial recognition and biometrics to identify and protect customers on the job.

  1. Technology guide

Many companies operating in a market so far use the innovation of the designated and special reference point, for example, veterinary medical services, e-commerce, currency trading, exhibition halls, residences, shops, etc.

  1. Versatile commerce (e-commerce)

Online business is often confused with mobile commerce. However, a business on the Internet visualizes the transaction or obtaining employment and products through the web. Interestingly, mobile commerce, or multi-use commerce is just an augmentation for web-based business. Basically, the exchange currently takes place on the web, but explicitly by cell phone.

Mobile commerce has been a very evolving pattern beyond three years, and will remain so in 2022. While COVID has pushed the mobile business, an increasing number of customers have taken it in, and that means the pattern of shopping through mobile phones won’t stop anytime in the near future.

  1. Portable wallets

Speaking of mobile commerce, there is something new in the world of drift which is the advanced wallets which became more popular in the computer period, right?

Anyway, most banks these days also have their own mobile wallet where without much of an extension you can operate a wide variety of cash exchanges, from recharge installments to online exchanges to online shopping, and even use your computerized wallet in grocery stores and physical stores as a trade for your card .

  1. Develop applications for multiple platforms

Somehow we constantly come back up again to progress through the stages, right? As an update, with cross-phase optimization, you can build applications that run on different frameworks without changing the code base to the extreme.

  1. Wearable devices

You will also see a rise in the improvement of mobile wearable apps in 2022. Customers love wearables because they are not difficult to use, are easy to transport and provide individual bits of knowledge.

  1. Applications for foldable devices

More or less recently, cell phones have only transitioned to calling screens, with no buttons or just a single button. Be that as it may, over recent years we have been picking up the winds of foldable phones again, and contrary to market caution, great foldable phones are turning into a reality right now.

Without a doubt, mobile apps have reshaped the way organizations operate, but much more than that, versatile apps have turned into a way for organizations to connect with their customers.

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Top 10 Android Games a Gamer Lover Can Have

Android gaming has progressed significantly and there is a lot to look at. Here are the best Android games that you as an interested player can access right now.

Versatile gaming has improved at a remarkable rate more than any innovation that preceded it. Android games seem to reach new levels constantly and quickly. We’re seeing an increasing number of premium game deliveries that defy your craving and what phones can do, and surprisingly allowing ubiquitous gaming is getting better. Honestly, Versatile has a few noteworthy titles.

Part of the Control Center and these competitive PC games or can also be accessed on PC and Control Center along with special versatility. Right away, here are the best accessible Android games right now. These are the elite gamers, so the list won’t change much unless something great happens.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Extraordinary mission at hand: Mobile was our pick for the best Android game of 2019. We usually stand for a while before adding a premium game, however Call of Duty: Mobile is so popular and gets so much with such a high rating that we added more quickly Than expected from gaming experts.

The game has a normal online first-person PvP mode along with 100 unique battle royale players. This puts it in a very unfamiliar category as a battle royale like PUBG Mobile, but in addition to the regular FPS PvP.

Genshin Impact

The game was also our pick for Best Tour and Game of 2020. It was highly praised when presented due to its noteworthy visuals and amazing gameplay continuous interaction.

It looks like a piece, but no one seems to mind, actually. The game hosts a framework to meet and brings some new characters through a special framework like other various games. In any case, the visual components, special interaction mechanics, and a completely open world complete with a lightweight flyer make the game seem less blocking than most of the students in the class.

GRID Autosport

Framework Autosport was launched in the year 2019 and immediately became one of the most popular and unique Android games. It’s an excellent game without special in-app purchases or advertising, which is a unique case here that has its own character.

The game also features amazing designs, great controls to help you have fun, equipment organizer support, plenty of content to play with, lots of vehicles to unlock, and a variety of dashing modes.

Legend Class: Wild Rift

Mobile devices used to have a lot of these attractions for gamers, however they have fallen somewhat over the past years.

Class of Legends: Wild Rift is a pretty cool virtual pack for the time being. Matches require about 15-20 minutes which is a long piece for gamers and quite versatile. Whatever the case, the game is so much fun, you can’t buy the winnings, and the engineers seem determined to ensure this game stays mod.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is one of the latest and best Android games on this list. It is a web fighting game by degree compared to makre games. Players collect cards and legends, and then at this point, they collect combinations of those cards and legends. Then, at this point, you fight the enemies on the web.

The game eliminates as much of the offense as possible and leads to an overall decent interactive experience. The game has 24 bosses, lots of cards, and you can welcome your friends to duel with you as well. This rundown has worn for a long time, but it’s a perfect opportunity for another boss here.


Levelhead is a new platformer from Shenanigans, a builder similar to Crashlands and it’s been on this list for a few years now, and we expect Levelhead to be around for quite some time as well. It is a platform game with 90 specific levels, amazing controls, and some amazing humor.

Whatever it is, this separates itself from the others with its truly amazing graphic structure on a dedicated level. Players can collect challenging levels and take them to the game. Various players download it and months end up in the famous game vault.


Minecraft is a well-known game for individuals and kids, from one side of the planet to the other, everything is equal. For people who have never played, Minecraft puts you in the world of Goliath where you mine things, build things, beat miscreants, and do whatever you want.

There is endurance mode where you have to mine your assets and food along with fantasy mode which gives you everything without limits. Constant updates have added a lot of new happy and conceivable results.

Monument Valley 1 and 2

Landmark Valley returns to the rundown as a game with the arrival of Monument Valley 2. The two games are still pretty amazing. Both have continuous interaction mechanics and practically indistinguishable explanations, truth be told. The player undertakes through Escher-style puzzles where the levels are portable to finish the method of using cheats.

Nintendo games

Nintendo has a good number of Android games and they’re all really fair. They have one stand out game with Super Mario Run. Many have trusted it to be very expensive. However, it is precisely one of the most mind-blowing mobile gaming platforms out there.

PUBG: New State

PUBG: New State hit the mobile gaming world like a stone and amassed over ten million submissions in less than a month. It is the off-world game for PUBG Mobile Google Play. This adaptation includes additional fixes like Evasion, somewhat better illustrations, and new vehicles, just to name a few.


Learn about interesting software and systems for Windows 10 PCs

Every Windows 10 organization has a huge variety of built-in applications. Anyway, there are many valuable applications that you can have on your PC for additional tasks. This application helps you to scan malware, pay attention to music, manipulate, perform basic drawing, watch movies, correspondence and perform various roles.

Here is our handpicked computer programming summary and breakdown of the best software for Windows 10, with their popular features and link to your site. This list of best PC software contains open source software with a free service and commercial software that may be a paid service.

1) Scribe

Scribe is a well-known tool for making quick directions little by little on your device. It captures your work process, transforming photographic shots and keystrokes into composite instructions and screenshots. Its guidelines for action, important standard operating procedures, and other documents can be used. The recorders can be shared in them by plugging in or directly implanted in different devices. Enlarge Copyist also allows you to benefit.

2) Outbyte PC Repair

Outbyte PC Repair is a product that helps the user to clean the PC without any problem. This application gets on your computer very quickly and prevents your computer from freezing, stopping and crashing. It powerfully and securely restores your computer to an advanced state. This one of the most amazing PC cleaning and purifying software allows you to repair damage caused by infections and viruses.

3) NordVPN

NordVPN is a product that does not just track, collect or provide information. It can be accessed on different platforms such as Android and also Windows other than Apple and the addition of macOS and Linux. You can estimate and know the quick link without buffering.

This product does not store meeting data, bandwidth used during operation, with IP addresses, private traffic information on various sites, and meeting details. However, it provides all-day, daily support and assistance to the elements.

4) Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is a photo editing and photo editing app. It tends to be used by many fashion designers and some visual professionals as well as professional photography artists other than web designers and dazzling visualization experts.

This device provides the ability to professionally create, enhance, and edit fine art, photos, and detailed diagrams. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor has a comprehensive and mysterious gallery of motion because it includes two effects, the first is a mysterious turn and the second is a mysterious way. It gives the device a choice of way.

5) TotalAV

TotalAV Antivirus is a free malware removal program that provides complete security for all your family’s tools in one easy-to-use desktop and smartphone application. However, it provides continuous malware protection, anti-ransomware, anti-spyware prevention, and private insurance against adware.

6) Icedrive

Icedrive is an advanced cloud management software that helps you easily access, replenish, and update your on-device and distributed storage. It provides a space for you to share and view your documents and to work well together with them. It allows you to store records up to 10 GB space for nothing. Icedrive also provides an ideal and simple interface for handling documents..

7) pCloud

pCloud is a secure and easy-to-use software to be involved in the distributed storage of your archive. This tool also allows you to share documents and private teamwork with your representative, friends and family members. It allows to enhance your important memories services for pCloud simply by clicking the order button. It helps you sifting all your documents as shown in their log design in the program and on the website.

8) Dropbox

Dropbox is a private administrative registry that facilitates individual cloud provisioning for you, document synchronization, distributed storage, and client hardware programming. This device is intended to work together on your tasks on your device, whether you are working alone or in a private group. It allows you to adjust your information across all tools and securely store information up to 50 GB.

9) planner5d

planner5d is another special and important optional 3D device that enables you to make reasonable internal and external certain plans of your device in 2D/3D modes.

It allows you to use the Snapshots component to capture the details of your plan as a reasonable picture. Both private 2D and 3D perspectives as you plan from different points. Apply your own custom ringtones, examples, and textures to your materials.

10) Recuva

Recuva is a special information recovery software for Windows 10. It helps the user to recover records on hard drive, memory cards, floppy circuits, some iPods, MP3 players, etc. Recuva can also perform the process of recovering information from drives that have been rearranged or damaged recently.

Because it allows you to restore private and essential information from a private circuit that has been erased, damaged, or corrupted. You can also automate the storage and rebuilding of archives of unsaved words.

11) EaseUS Todo backup

The programming component EaseUS Todo Backup allows you to clone the most modest hard disk and turn it into a larger hard disk drive with a large space.

It also allows you to clone HDD to SSD for extending implementations. This product item helps you recover private and important deleted information or enhance the framework on your device.

12) Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is a tool that protects the gadgets of any Android device from malicious websites, ransomware, and unwanted programs. This device can identify more than 900,000 dangers every day that hinder you. Other than that it can clean dangerous contaminated tools.

Mobile games

AirAttack 2 Review – Shots are amazing

When individuals ensure that continuous interaction takes a reference point regardless of everything else, including visual persistence, I wonder why not both? There were plenty of games out there that pushed the limits in nearly every feature under the sun, including the new Witcher 3 from CD Projekt Red Ventures.

The equivalent applies to mobile titles, which pushes a long line after my initial thought process was slick when the App Store came out back in the many, many years ago. Games that don’t feel like they should be imagined with so much equipment in them.

As a fan of being shot in the game, my longing for it never dies. Constantly searching for new games for people to play, whether it’s eastern cave shooter games or western titles like Siberian Strike. While I’m more inclined towards danmaku damn bullets and exciting confrontations like Ikaruga, there are a lot of different interesting renditions that hit the right clouds as a whole, which recalls the latest Art for Games missions.

Are guns, bombers, grenades and flames at their best in this game?

This is a WWII themed stun gun that looks totally and completely cool, and includes some of the most hysterical Stack Dog Battle activities.

You lead a retro rival weapon through progression of extreme levels fist and incremental, special redesigning of your weapons as you do, and blasting each of those moves. And there’s more than that, a lot of things that don’t do that.

What kind of things do you get to explode in AirAttack 2?

Planes, boats, structures, tanks, dangerous flamethrowers shooting out of temple windows, other than having atomic bombs, very typical really.

You as a player control your plane with one finger. This service was launched as a result, you can tap easily to drop a flame bomb, and there are many cool and unique combat plane maneuvers that the player can use by pressing the reserve box.

There is a special well-being bar along the highest point of the screen that you can replenish with red life crosses that have brought down enemies. You as its player chase coins and stars, dodging powerful projectiles with time-misaligned hot neon.

Is it an extreme and challenging game?

It’s not quite as extreme as some professional shooters, but there is undoubtedly an especially good degree of challenge here. The thicker well-being bar offers more room for fatal blunders, and the examples of challenging opponents, while very extreme, contain certain reasonably obvious loopholes.

There are examples to follow, some mighty boss fights, but you never get to feel the full scale of the devastation. Also, the game in it keeps things fresh as well.

You escape through special openings of the structures, smash all the rooftops to take out your weapons, and turn into a first single show of assault plane gun shooting from your firearm.

Worth going then, at that point?

If you really love shooters, you’ll do this, and it has enough of putting it all on the line that it’s likely to stay nearby on your phone or tablet for a significant amount of time.

There are trapped strikes, endurance mode, multiple asynchronous difficulties, and objectives to be completed on each level that require some clever timing and a small bit of karma. Moreover, there is a giant story mode to sway through.

Also, did you specify that AirAttack 2 looks amazing? since then. Deformation of the structure, undulating waves, massive eruptions. This is a wonderful spectacle of gorgeous lanes that will make them smile happily.

The basic idea in AirAttack 2 is pretty straightforward – players can swipe around the screen to move their boat, which naturally takes off on opponents.

You have to stay away from the fire and get into a more important situation to take out the enemies. In this basic sense, it’s the normal shooter you’d use in AirAttack 2.

However, as you begin to dig beyond the surface, it turns out to be much more extensive. For example, you can also tap the screen to throw the AirAttack 2 bomb, which annihilates the ground and focuses that your ethereal fighter can never hit. It takes some practice, but over time you’ll evade siege like an expert in AirAttack 2.

The overhauls also completely change your playing style, from partners chasing your boat for some extra abilities, to shiny new characters that have new mechanics close to you.

The Heavy Weapon Specialist in the Tail is another unique feature which is the Enhancer which transfers perspective to the first individual. Here the in-game engine really stands out, which alone deserves to be honored. The tilted controls in AirAttack 2 aren’t in that frame of mind yet for an imminent update, but the sensitive touch strategy sounds great.

Basically, AirAttack 2 is an interesting, cool, and fun game. The foliage is specific where it is practically amplified, the vehicles that often feel like expendable surges roaming throughout the level look like they were created immaculately, the action is so smooth that in each case it is easy to determine what is constantly going on during the game .

Likewise, the symphonic soundtrack definitely helps her cover, causing her to put her earbuds on again and again to get into the ambiance of the game. Conditions will generally disintegrate upon siege, which is not only great on a specialist level in AirAttack 2, but achieving them as horribly as your assaults have their weight. I even saw the most insane details like the trees swaying the breeze right after the bomb. In the icy-themed levels, the mentioned trees are removing snow from them.

Mobile Apps

Snapseed photo editing app review for Android and iPhone

SnapSeed keeps you from the camera. Photography now no longer requires buying a professional camera, buying lenses, and learning courses in photography and print editing.

With the advancement of technology, the phone has replaced the camera, indeed if it’s a lot, but at least phones give images that can be penetrated to the same degree as professional cameras. or indeed less.

Moment we’re talking about an operation that really represents Photoshop in Windows without magnification, and this operation was bought by Google, which changed it to a veritably large degree, so the operation came in another way and not as it was, and features and pollutants have been added to ameliorate the quality of images, and we will try in this composition to explain the operation in a detailed explanation in order to include All aspects of the operation.

SnapSeed operation is an Android operation for perfecting the colors of images and perfecting their quality significantly, and you should know that this operation was a successful design in the field of print editing.

Awards and the operation began its trip to pass through the rest of the platforms, in August of 2011 it was blazoned as an IOS operation and this operation was blazoned in 2012, but as a program for Microsoft Store.

With the arrival of December of the same time, this operation came available for Android bias free of charge and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

This operation belongs to the giant Google, so it’s a large reality in the world of perfecting the colors of images and perfecting their quality, and in 2015 the operation came more and more popular due to the addition of features Similar as print cropping, pollutants, automatic sludge encounter to enhance the image, gyration support, and numerous further features and features that you’ll love when you try it yourself.

SnapSeed isn’t just an operation to ameliorate colors and images in Android, but rather an intertwined design to fix lighting problems in prints, lack of light, and modes similar as HDR mode, removing mars and noise, and you can cut a person from an image and control the quantum of light in the image, which we will explain in detail in the coming paragraph.

Under this button are hundreds of pollutants that greatly help to enhance prints and add cultural touch to them.
Image Adjustment This point allows you to ameliorate the color achromatism of the image, acclimate discrepancy, brilliance, acclimate murk, and numerous fresh options.

Details : This option reduces or increases sharpness in an image.
Black and white balance It’s for conforming colors, especially black and white, and you can choose to acclimate it automatically. Crop : With this option, you crop the image ill by a certain chance or a certain size.
Rotate: This option rotates the image in either geography or portrayal mode.
Perspective :This option changes the firing direction and vision in the image, and it can be named manually or in a specific rate as you like.

Expand : This option expands the image to include all areas.

Encounter: This isn’t intended for delineation, but rather it brightens and darkens the image, increases or decreases light, and changes the achromatism of colors as well.
Scene with HDR :This option activates the HDR mode, and whoever doesn’t know this sludge, it’s veritably popular, as it’s specific to the achromatism of the image, giving the image a complete achromatism of the image and intelligently.

Color tone discrepancy :This option changes the color tone of the image until you reach the stylish picture with the stylish colors.

Lens concentrate: This option is also called Blur and blurs all of the image except for the rudiments inside the square or circle depending on the operation.
Text This option can add textbook and the jotting format can be changed.

There are numerous Arabic and English sources and numerous formats.

There are other options that you can discover and try on your own.

Read about Wiko View 3 specifications-Wiko View 3 price Participating the image With this point, the image can be participated directly with social networking spots directly without the need to stay for the image to be saved on the phone and also partake it. Save This button saves the image to your phone.
Export It’s the same as the Save button, but it’s a little different from Save, it creates the image with the same settings and pollutants you’ve chosen.

Export : This option enables you to save the image in the brochure you want with a format of your choice.

Learn about Tecno Spark 3 Youth Mobile Specifications-Tecno Spark 3 Mobile Price This operation doesn’t bear important explanation, all you have to do is open the operation and also press the button, which you’ll find in front of you on the screen, also choose the image you want to edit and you must know that It doesn’t support photography within the operation, but you must choose the image and also choose the pollutants and adaptations that you want to spark, also choose to export and choose to save, save a dupe or share as you want.
In this image, you’ll see all the settings for the operation, which in the first images we’ve reviewed in full, which includes the dark appearance mode, which is easily not actuated, but in the other three images you’ll find that the mode is actuated. The alternate option This option is specific to the size of the images that you export, and you should know that this number is large, but it isn’t the real bone. For illustration, if your phone is taking filmland of 2000 and you set the operation to 4000, also the operation will support all sizes up to 4000 and not the current image size.

The third option This option is specific to the format and quality of the images.

You can choose jpg 100 or the lower chance, or choose the PNG format as you want, but the stylish format at each is jpg.

Mobile Apps Reviews for games and apps

Call of Duty mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile

Almost everybody is aware of Call Of Duty as they have been on the scene for many years, from the well-known trendy Warfare titles to Black Ops.

In 2019 it was released and it started dominating the mobile phone games, it had been one among the largest mobile game launches in history generating over 270 million downloads a year.

In the game there’s no single player as a result of it’s primarily made from battle royale multiplayer and a few game modes.

Players can play ranked or unranked matches in multiplayer mode. It’s in-game currencies: COD Points, which have to be bought with real money. It is possible to play the total game without paying, although some exclusive character and weapon skins can only be bought with COD Points.

You can also start a party where you can play not only with your friends, but also with the world around you, a private room for both the multiplayer and battle royale modes can also be accessed where players can invite and battle with just their in-game friends.

  • The multiplayer mode is a first person shooter. Almost like previous Call of Duty games on different platforms together with old maps. The game modes embody Team Deathmatch, Domination, Free for All, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed
  • The game additionally has Scorestreaks that are special weapons that are offered because the player reaches bound times and points.
  • The game includes battle royale that includes up to a hundred players. A player would like better to play alone, with one friend, or in a four-man squad. At the start of a game, all players choose abilities. When all of them are prepared, they begin to fly a plane that flies in a straight line over the map. This flight path changes each game. At the start of the game, each player carries solely a knife. Everywhere on the map you can find guns and other equipment, and if so you can find some vehicles or enemies. The safe zone on the map shrinks as the game progresses, with players who remain outside the zone being killed. A team wins the game if they are the last one remaining.
  • This game had a tournament where the game’s entry went into the top tier of esports. More than $1 million was featured in total prizes. Competing teams were drawn from the game’s community through four open online qualifiers. However you can’t play on an emulator or with any external devices.
  • Meta description : Call of Duty, one of the largest action PC games was released on android. About 200 milion people have already tried it. Come try it too.