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Designing and developing digital videotape games in Jordan reaches transnational success

Designing and developing digital videotape games in Jordan reaches transnational succes

The Arab region is still seeking to put its mark in the videotape game assiduity, which has come one of the most profitable and utmost wide profitable fields in recent times, and with Saudi Arabia as a colonist in this field in the region, Jordan is also seeking with its mortal bents to keep pace with Arab movements.

In Jordan, the race is fierce in designing digital electronic games, as a group of Jordanian youth succeeded in developing and designing nearly 16 games on the global gaming platform, as part of the Global Challenge competition hosted by the Kingdom. Where the challenges of digital game contrivers appear in the Arab world, in the absence of university classes that support them.

From digital electronic games amid global successes, the inventor Nour Khreis ’ passion for game design began beforehand, after that he succeeded in creating digital games that pretend the Arab terrain and established the first Arab company to manufacture digital games in 2003, where Khreis said about this and quoted intelligencer Raed Awwad Through the islet

The gaming assiduity depends on the story. Our original stories with our electronic societies and societies are part of the global praise, and we also communicate our story to the world.

In the Jordanian Games Lab, the creative marquee for suckers of digital game design, one vault was made then for academy and university scholars in pursuit of the rearmost game design technologies. Some of them succeeded in opening their own design companies, while others were suitable to design 16 games on the global games platform within the competitions of transnational forums, where one of the inventors said Heirs of the Jordanian Games Lab

“I’ve served from a specialized point of view by having the tackle and software for any content creator that the inventor needs.”

The volume of digital Arab product doesn’t exceed, at best, one percent of the global product of games, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and Qatar, independently, outgunned as the countries that invest the most in the field of games, with a volume of further than 5 billion bones
annually. On this matter, Iyad Al- Bashir, operations director of one of Digital platforms

Investment is veritably important for companies to be suitable to stand on their bases, and to be suitable to make games is a veritably precious process, as well as to make a game that will need veritably long stages and according to the complexity related to it, and it may take a time or two to make a successful game.

still, the most prominent challenges for contrivers of digital videotape games in Jordan and the Arab world, according to specialists, is the absence of university classes that support contrivers of the time, and the weakness of electronic payment operations on gaming platforms, while digital games in the world recorded earnings of about$ 200 billion, according to transnational statistics.

By Michael Emad

My name is Michael Emad from Egypt, I am 20 years old. I will try as much as possible to review the latest games and applications required to review them before downloading from the official website.

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